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Our Story


Petbit means different dried products for pets, produced by OÜ Lahekala. The main product is sprat (sprattus sprattus Balticas), but we also dry smelt (osmerus eperlanus eperlanus), white bream (abramis blicca), perch (perca fluviatilis) and other fish species in smaller quantities.


OÜ Lahekala was founded in May 2004. Initially, we were focusing on filleting pike-perch and perch for human consumption. Drying fish was rather a sideline at the time, but already in 2005 drying fish for pet food had become our main activity. Since then we have been improved our work practices and technologies to offer the best for our pets.

During the early years we were selling dried fish in Estonia as well as In Finland. Over the years we have grown and expanded our sales to Denmark, Germany, Austria and England.

During the 5 years, the demand for our products have grown, so we moved our production from Pärnu to a bigger plant in Audru.

Our Facilities



 While producing our fish snacks, we use high-quality raw material with no added preservatives or other chemicals, therefore Petbit snacks are 100% as nature intended! Proven quality and up-to-date technology ensures that Petbit snacks are healthy, almost odourless and contains valuable nutrients and minerals as well as Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for healthy pet supporting the natural healthy state of the skin, hair structure and relieving skin that has a tendency to allergy. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids may significantly prolong your pet’s life, strengthen their heart function and relieve joint problems.

   Chewing dried snacks is good for your pet’s dental health, helping to prevent plaque buildup and other dental diseases. Petbit treats offer your pet a pleasant pastime and encourage their natural instincts!

Future plans

The range of product we offer is unique and therefore we wish to expand our sales even further in the future. In addition to fish, there are also other various raw materials, and drying them can offer the pets different chewing experiences.

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